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Affordable Rents to Keep Home Ownership Aspirations Alive

I have lived and worked in Brea for over 20 years. I moved to Brea for its quaintness, good schools, beautiful hills, and wonderful shopping.

Brea housing to me means something to aspire to. I lived in Fullerton and rented for years until I could afford to purchase my current residence in Brea. I believe there should be affordable housing options; however, I do not believe my neighbor should be able to live in the same type of home for thousands of dollars less just because they don’t qualify to purchase at market rate. My husband and I worked, made sacrifices, and saved for years to get where we are now.

I do believe there should be affordable rental options that give young couples starting out and single wage earners the opportunity to live here. My 30 something daughter cannot afford Brea rental rates and currently lives in Anaheim.

- Janet Davis

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